Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to take harassing calls from debt collectors?

Before you have decided to take a debt relief program, you probably have encountered harassing calls from creditors. And you will, still, unless you face the challenge of telling them the real status of your finances. Debt collection agencies have not failed striking fear and paralyzing those who have tried controlling their finances.

But to be able to do this, you must first learn how to control any collection actions which will be taken against you. The secret is to NEVER IGNORE COLLECTION ATTEMPTS,DON’T GET ANGRY AND DON’T BE AFRAID.

You can practice answering calls from your creditors like a pro so you may not sound defensive or offensive. You must project an image of settlement and cooperation. Remember, it was you who chose to borrow money, you must be civil enough to face them as the collection time comes in. So don’t be accusatory or aggressive when dealing with collectors.

You should also have valuable knowledge on your financial status and what you can afford to do before making payment commitments through agencies. One of the most highly recommended tips is budgeting debt relief.

You may check contact logs on internet to track contacts with debt collectors and creditors. With this, you will be able to take control of your collection practices, be updated with the agreements you have made, and show proof when debt collection attempts to go beyond the line.

And when asked by debt collectors, you should not be afraid to tell them that you are still reviewing your debt relief options, when and how you can afford to pay, and the time and day they can call you. This is better than avoiding them.